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Dec 01, 2023

WeBoostAI Experiment - Place-to-Bot
Matching Physical Places to AI Assistants

Place-to-Bot for Tourism

The tourism industry needs an update. At WeBoostAI, we want to leverage AI in order to enhance the tourist experience. We think visitors might want to have a personal guide for every place they visit. A guide that knows everything about the history, culture, and that can answer all their questions, tailoring the interaction to their preferences. This is what we want to achieve with Place-to-bot, a new app from WeBoostAI that connects tourists with conversational AI bots associated to the location they are in.

Place-to-bot is a proof of concept app that demonstrates how chatbots can enhance the tourism experience. It basically transforms tourist's photos into guided experiences. It works by using image recognition to identify the landmarks that visitors capture with their phone's camera, and then redirects them to a WeBoostAI Assistant chatbot that specializes in that landmark. They can then chat with the bot and learn more about the place, ask questions, and get recommendations.

The app was created to solve some of the common problems that tourists face when they visit new places. For example, they might not find a guided tour that fits their schedule, or they might want to explore at their own pace and skip some parts of the tour. They might also have specific interests or questions that are not covered by the tour guide. With Place-to-bot, tourists have more freedom and flexibility to enjoy their travel experience. They can visit any place at any time, and interact with the chatbot as much or as little as they want. They can also focus on the topics that interest them and skip the ones that don't.

Place-to-bot is powered by ChatGPT. These chatbots use natural language processing and deep learning to generate intuitive and engaging responses. They can absorb vast amounts of information from various sources, and provide personalized and relevant answers to user queries. They can also handle complex and open-ended questions, and adapt to different user preferences and styles.

Place-to-Bot for Other Industries

The app can be uses in different scenarios, such as restaurants and museums, where it can offer benefits for both the users and the businesses.

For example, in restaurants, the app can help customers place their orders faster and easier, without having to wait for a waiter or a menu. The app can also recommend dishes that suit their taste, dietary requirements and budget. Moreover, the app can simplify the payment process, as customers don't need to interact with checkout. For the restaurant owners, the app can improve order management, reduce wait times, optimize resource allocation and increase customer satisfaction.

Similarly, in museums, the app can enhance the visitors' experience by allowing them to access detailed information about any artwork they see, just by taking a photo with their smartphone. The app can also chat with them and guide them through the museum, providing them with interesting facts and stories. For the museum staff, the app can reduce the workload of explaining the artworks repeatedly, attract more visitors and increase engagement.


In conclusion, the Place-to-bot app has the potential to transform the tourism industry. It empowers travellers by giving them autonomy and freedom of choice. This app can redefine the way tourists engage with historical sites, landmarks, and cultural attractions. Place-to-bot's versatility extends beyond tourism, finding applications in restaurants and museums. It streamlines the customer experience in restaurants, making ordering, food recommendations, and payment more convenient. For museums, it enhances visitors' engagement with the works of art displayed.

Place-to-bot was developed as a experiment and we are happy to say it has been a successful one. AI has to offer and we look forward to a future where technology continues to enhance our daily experiences.