Shopify Assistant

We make shopify smart profitable and fun!

Are you tired of frustrated customers abandoning carts? Missing out on sales because shoppers can't find what they're looking for? or, spending hours answering repetitive questions? Our assistant uses AI to change the game. It will help you increase customer satisfaction and boost sales by 15% or more.

How does it work?

Our Shopify asssistant acts like a personal shopping assistant for shoppers. It leverages AI ChatGPT technology and large language models to improve the shopper experience, and consequently boost sales for merchants. It understands customer needs and engages the shopper in a friendly and conversational way providing natural interactions.

Easy to install and set up.

You can plug our shopping assistant with a one-click installation from the Shopify app store. It integrates seamlessly to any shop and the time between installation and usage is quick and painless. It has an intuitive UI, so you will be able to start using it right away!

Improves customer experience

Our AI shopping assistant helps shoppers find the perfect product for them, faster and without hassle. It gets smarter with every interaction, memorizing chats to refine future suggestions based on customer preferences. Customers receive personalized recommendations and search assistance, reducing the amount of frustrating issues and support tickets. Shopping is back to being fun!

Boosts sales by more than 15%

Our shopping assistant increases average order value by at least 15% and helps reduce cart abandonment. It engages customers, answers questions, and recommends more products, leading to happier shoppers and bigger purchases. Customers enjoy a frictionless shopping experience that leads to faster checkouts and repeat business.

Accessible from anywhere at any time

It works across all devices so shoppers can access it directly on any browser or on their mobile phones. Additionally, AI doesn’t sleep so it is available 24/7 without any additional costs.

PS: We recently pivoted to make our AI shopping assistant our main product (learn more in this post). Before that we add a product designed to help businesses improve their customer support and sales. It was called Suprabot. You can find more information about it here: Suprabot Product